Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day...

Got up this morning to 8 inches of snow. More than we've seen since we've lived here. Jimmy called in to work. Turns out Nashville only got about 3 inches of snow. LOL The boys had a blast playing in the snow. Korinne didn't play, she couldn't find her gloves and I wouldn't let her use mine. I was using them. LOL Here are a few pics from today. Here's Lizzie with a mohawk Jimmy and Jay gave her.

Jackson all red nosed getting ready to throw a snowball at Jimmy.

Brownie after we put her outside for a bit. Isn't she pretty? I wish I knew what kind of dog she is.

Justin and Jackson playing in the snow.

Justin getting ready to throw a snowball at Jay. LOL Jackson's eating snow. We warned him to stay away from the yellow snow. LOL

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