Monday, January 03, 2011

Peaceful Day

My mother-in-law loves me! She called this morning and said instead of Justin spending the night tonight, she was sending my father-in-law to pick up all the kids for the day to give me a break. Lord knows I needed one! LOL I kept Korinne home though because she's been running a fever since last night.

FIL got here just before noon. Which was perfect because I'd already had the boys scrub the fridges. LOL After they left, I mopped the floors...they really needed it! Korinne and I lounged around watching the Pretty Little Liars marathon. I had about 6 hours of one on one time with my girl. Aside from her being sick, it was nice having a mother/daughter afternoon.

The boys apparently had a great time at my in-law's. I'm proud to report they were all good while over there. They played card games, shot the BB gun (with FIL supervising) and had pancakes for dinner. Jackson was so excited this morning when I told them they were spending the day with their grandparents. He hardly ever gets to go over there without Jimmy or me. As soon as he saw his Granddaddy park, he shot out the door screaming, "Ok let's go!" LOL

Korinne's fever seems to be going down. All in all, it was a good day...a good day.

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