Saturday, January 15, 2011


I missed a post yesterday. My internet kept going out. Our phone is through the modem so I had to borrow my neighbor's cell phone to call the cable company. A technician came less than an hour later. He changed out the modem and got our internet and phone working again. But he called someone to do something on the outside line. They said as long as we had internet it would wait until Monday. The tech that was here was ticked about that. Apparently when they call someone to climb the pole or whatever, they're supposed to come asap. So he said if the internet went out again to call and raise hell. LOL I laughed and said I would try but since the phone is through the modem, I doubted I'd be able to call until tomorrow. LOL As of now, the internet is doing just fine. Oh and he threw in a battery for the modem so if the power goes out we still have at least 3 hours for the computer. Nice!

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