Saturday, January 08, 2011

New job!!!

Not for me, of course. I'm quite happy being a SAHM. LOL I mean for Jimmy. Starting the 17th, he will be working in Florence, AL. This is excellent news, even though we live in TN. This new job is 32 miles south of where we live. The job he'll be leaving is 85 miles north of where we live. Know what this means???? I can go have lunch with Jimmy sometimes. The drive to Florence is a straight shot down the road. No confusing turns. No having to change roads. No Nashville!!! LOL To say I'm excited about this would probably be an understatement. LOL

I'll still have to go to Nashville for Jackson's specialist appointments. But I'll have a cousin take me. Cause I still refuse to drive to Nashville. Jimmy's says we'll work on that. He can work on it all he wants, I'm not driving to Nashville. LOL

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