Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No school again...

It stopped snowing. But the snow is still there. The roads are icy. So there was no school today...and no school tomorrow. Jimmy missed work yesterday because of the snow. He tried going this morning. Got about 10 minutes down the road and turned back because he heard on the radio about all the pile ups from our town to his work. He works an hour and a half away. Well not for too much longer. Soon he'll be working about 32 miles away. YAY!

So there's no school tomorrow. The kids have cabin fever. We're not used to weather this cold so they only go out for a little bit at a time. They really need to go back to school so I can mop my floors! I can't keep them still enough to mop while they're home. LOL They've been home for almost 5 days straight. Tomorrow we are doing some major cleaning. The entire downstairs! (Laughs devious laugh! LOL) Wish me luck we get it done.

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