Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dentist and haircuts

My cousin, Jennifer, is a dental hygenist down the road from where we live. She called this morning and said she had a no show and to bring a couple of kids in. So I left Jay in charge of Jax and took Justin and Korinne. Justin had no cavities. Korinne has two. Very small ones. Looks like they just started.

There are a lot of hair cutting places in the town I live in. But I prefer one in my in-laws little town. So I took the kids there today and got Jay's and Jackson's hair cut. Not that you can tell looking at Jay. He was quite adament that only half an inch be cut off. LOL Jackson however, I wanted more cut off. Now I can see his gorgeous eyes and his looooong eyelashes. Justin has an appointment Saturday for a haircut. I love this place because they're a small business and they don't charge as much as bigger places. Mainly because when I tell them only half an inch on Korinne, they only cut half an inch. LOL And they remember people. They remembered Jackson had surgery in February.

T minus two days!!! Back to school with them! I can't wait! I mopped yesterday and there's already something sticky on the living room floor. @@

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