Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bus Stop Ordeal

This morning, I loaded up Jackson in his stroller, as usual. But with trepidation. I was terrified that those same two women would be there to confront me again. I do NOT like confrontation. I avoid it in any way.

However this morning as I approached the bus stop, I was aware that the two women were not there. Instead there were two other parents who know me and had heard about the incident and both were irate over it. Both came to me and said they were behind me in any way, since both KNEW I had NEVER touched any other child but my own.

That made me feel empowered. So I took the chance and mentioned the incident to the main maintenance worker who applauded me and said had it been him, it would have ended with him going to jail. He convinced me to tell the apartment office about it in case something else happened. That way if something else did happen there was already a record of Monday morning.

Jimmy went to work telling his co-workers that he has NEVER seen or heard of me backing down from a fight. And while that's true, the only reason I did was because my own children were present and I'm trying to teach them better.

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Ami said...

You didn't back down from a fight. You acted like a grown up, which is something those two crazy bitches never learned. You stated the facts, "I did not touch your children." and left it alone. Your earlier appraisal of the situation was right on when you told the police officer that you thought that stuff ended in high school.
Hope you can move away from there soon, it sounds like there are quite a few mutants in your area.