Monday, October 02, 2006

Panic Attack Avoided...

Somewhat. LOL I did cry all morning. I finally was able to reach our case worker and she apologized and said that sometime in between when she and I talked in August and now, medicaid has changed the rules. No more can they just add the infants to the siblings schedule. They have to renew. They're wanting everyone to provide proof of citizenship. While I understand all that, it would have been nice to get some type of warning rather than getting a letter on the day it expired.

I cancelled all of Jackson's appointments for this week. I did ask how much they'd have cost, etc. For me to show up, sit in the waiting room for about 15 minutes, get called back, sit in a room for 10 minutes waiting for the doc, him coming in looking at Jackson's head and asking me what the neurosurgeon said before leaving, would have cost me $108. The RSV shot he was supposed to get on Wednesday, about $2k. OUCH!

So I spent all morning crying. Jimmy told his boss he needed to add us to his insurance. His boss said no problem. But before we do that, we plan on talking to a representative to make sure all of Jackson's pre-existing conditions are covered. When they had a meeting back in March with the rep, I happened to be there and asked him about pre-existing conditions. He said the plan Jimmy's work has, doesn't have any pre-existing clauses. So everything going on with Jackson would be covered. I specifically asked that. But we want to make sure that's still the case. I don't know what we'll do if that's changed. No other insurance policy we've found that was somewhat affordable will cover pre-existing conditions. Wish us luck!

On another note, I signed up for myspace not too long ago. I've been having a blast playing around with it. If you wanna check it out and have a myspace account, my info is

I've been able to connect with people who've experienced TTTS and Craniosynostosis, as well as connect with a few old friends. It's really fun!


Margo said...

so glad things are working out and the panic attack was avoided. ;-)

I'll check out your myspace page. I have one too.

Ami said...

I don't know what to say about all that's going on with you. Wish I had a quick fix or a million bucks to offer you.

You know you can always rant to me.

Sonia said...

good luck with the insurance thang. I hate insurance companies. They're all ass holes.