Friday, October 27, 2006

Friggen Red Ribbon Week!

It's been Red Ribbon week at the boys' school this week. Learning drugs are bad, m'kay. Well now Justin is terrified that he and his sister and brothers are going to be taken away from us. Here's how the conversation went. He says, "You and Daddy do drugs." I said, "Justin we do not do drugs." He said, "Uh Huh 'cause you smoke cigarettes." I said, "Justin if you go around telling people we do drugs, they're going to take you away from us. We smoke cigarettes, we do not do drugs." He got upset and started crying. That's when he said he told his PE teacher that we do drugs. I said, "Well did you tell her it was cigarettes?" He said he couldn't remember. So this morning, I called his teacher, left a message and emailed her telling her that because of Red Ribbon week and them teaching him tobacco is a drug (which I'm sure it is) that my son is now paranoid that he's going to be taken away from me. While tobacco may be a drug, it sure as hell isn't heroin or something like that. I'm sure half those teachers at the school teaching tobacco is a drug smoke themselves!

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Ami said...

The kids at school where I work are in the midst of the whole red ribbon thing, too. Staff and kids are wearing funny clothes, blah blah.. today is 'funny hair day'.I refuse to participate in it. Kids are either going to stay off drugs or they're not. Talking about it may help. Wearing a red ribbon or sweatpants isn't going to affect this particular outcome. According to what the kids learned this week, many of their parents are drug addicts. What is the drug? Caffeine.

The thing is, the people who come up with this shit do not remember what it was like to be a kid or a teen.

Do you think that if we'd been indoctrinated in school (and when you think about it, weren't we??? I know I got a lot of it...) against 'drugs' wouldn't all of us have decided against experimentation? I can tell you stories about friends that would amaze you and the rest of the world. I guess we should have worn funny pants or socks to keep that from happening.

Hell, I'm still on caffeine.

And you think this is bad... wait until you find out the school 'counselor' has informed your child that he or she knows that you can't always trust your parents, but is always going to be there for your child to come to with any problems, because 'sometimes mommy and daddy just don't understand.'