Saturday, October 07, 2006

Update on insurance issues

For those that have been following my dilemma, hopefully, we've avoided a catastrophe.

Jimmy was finally able to corner his boss Friday,. He said, "Look my wife has not talked to me in two days because of this insurance thing." His boss said, "You should have called me on my personal phone or cornered me and said it was important." His boss knew it was bad when Jimmy said I avoided him, etc.

So his boss, Jim, had the receptionist, Alicia, take care of everything. She was to call the insurance company to verify that pre-existing conditions were covered like we were told in March. So far they are, thank goodness. As far as as adding us to Jimmy's insurance, I can't be added until March when his policy renews, which is fine with me. The three older ones can't be added until December when their medicaid expires. But with Jackson, he can be added immediately as long as I had a letter stating when he was dropped form medicaid, which I had.

So I sent that in with Jimmy. Alicia faxed it to the home office and we should know something by Monday. After I know he has medical coverage, I will call his doctors and see if they accept Cigna. If not, I'll find other doctors, or request they start accepting Cigna. Wish me luck on that!

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Ami said...

If they accepted Medicaid, chances are quite good that they'll accept Cigna, too. Cigna is a very large company. You would have more trouble getting them to accept your insurance if you insured through, let's say Guido's Insurance Emporium and Thrif Shop.

I'm glad you're getting things straightenend out.