Thursday, October 19, 2006

Total Blonde Moment!

You know, the one where blondes are complete airheads? Well that is so me.

I got up this morning, nothing unusual, started cleaning and vacuuming so Jackson could come out of his cage and walk around more. (His cage is this 6 sided playpen some of you saw at the blognic. I have it arranged around the living room so he's confined there.) Well Jimmy calls just after 9 and asks me to bring him breakfast. Sure, I say. On the way there, I remembered Jackson had an appointment at the WIC office with the dietician, at 9am. So I'm thinking, "Oh shit, I completely forgot!"

So when we get back home, I double check my calendar and yes his appointment was on a Thursday. So I call the WIC office and leave a message. She calls me back completely understanding then gently informs me that his appointment had been LAST Thursday! WHAT??!! How the hell did I lose a week?! So I'm even more mortified. She assures me it's not a big deal and we reschedule his appointment. That one is now on 26th at someone please remind me. LOL

Ok so after I hang up with her, it dawns on me that I should double check my calendar and to my horror I realize he had an appointment scheduled for this past Monday with the allergist. UGH! I called the allergist and explained what happened. She assured me it was not a problem and we would just reschedule his appointment. Though we held off on that until I get confirmation that Jackson is covered through Jimmy's insurance. (The allergist DOES take that particular insurance, so that's a relief.)

Seriously...I know I'm blonde, but I've never had such a blonde moment. Man I'm such an airhead! How could I totally space out like that. I've never missed a single appointment since I had Jay almost 11 years. And I miss TWO within a week of each other. Jimmy's gonna get a kick out of this. Not sure how long til I can live it down. LOL


Margo said...

LOL, Sunnie! I can relate.

Ami said...

You know, it's not because you're blonde.. it's because you're a busy person with lots to keep track of. Believe me, I have been there myself with messing up on appointments etc... or worse, showing up a week early.

Margo said...

Ami's right!

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

LOL I am busy. But I'm ALWAYS busy. So I can't use that as an excuse. It's totally a blonde moment. LOL