Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Strange dream

Yesterday afternoon, I had the strangest dream during my nap. I was at some blogger get together. Jimmy and the kids were there. It seemed to be breaking up. Jimmy was talking to someone about what else? Cars. LOL So I load up our cooler and stuff into the stroller to take to the van. As Justin and I are walking a man comes up to me to introduce himself. "Hello, my name is Finnigan Cross." He had a lovely irish accent and was quite breathtaking. I introduced myself and offered my hand to shake. Instead he brought my hand to his lips for a soft kiss. I quickly became uncomfortable. He starts saying, "I see your personality in your blog, yet you're more reserved in person. What is the real you?" Confused, I say, "I'm who I am on my blog and in person." As we're talking, I'm still heading to the van, with Justin beside me. We're passing a picnic bench when he grabs me by the waist and pulls me to sit beside him, too close for comfort. I inch away from him and say, "It was nice meeting you, but I've got to put this stuff up and gather my family." I go to stand and he pulls me down again. I stand again, grabbed Justin's hand and start pushing the stroller again.

Here's where it gets stranger. As we're walking away again, with him following, we pass this animal crate that has a small mountain lion (or something like that) a chimpanzee, and a couple other zoo animals. I guess trying to be suave, Finnigan Cross says, "Wait here, I will get the mountain lion (it was an infant) and your son can pet it." I pause for a moment and watch him try to extract this animal from the cage. However, as he's lifting the animal, the cage falls apart and the chimp jumps on his head. I start laughing and Justin and I leave him there to play with the animals. On the way to the car, I pass Janet. Yes the Janet I met at the blognic. I'm muttering under my breath about persistent men when she says, "Let me guess. you met Finnigan Cross." When I said yes, she says, "He shows up every once in a while trying to persuade some woman to run off with him." I said, "Well it sure won't be this woman."

Then I woke up. Now I'm completely curious about this dream. I've never met a Finnigan, or even a Cross. Hell the only person I've met with an Irish accent is the receptionist at Jackson's plastic surgeon's office. LOL I also don't know why I was dreaming about a blog get together and only talked to Janet. LOL

It was certainly a strange dream and Jimmy thought so as well when I told him. Now the Cross part may be because I just bought one of Nora Roberts' new book and it's called Morrigan's Cross. So who knows. LOL


Ami said...

So there's an Irishman lost somewhere in the Dreamworld with a monkey on his head?

I wonder if he's spotted the elephant with the red shoes I recently saw there?

Margo said...

LOL!! Strange indeed!! Finnigan Cross. Great name. :-)