Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Latest bus stop news

So this morning I'm standing at the bus stop with a parent the parent that's always there but missed Monday. I'll call her Lady A. This time though another mother (Lady B) showed up, the mother of two girls I've made go to the back of the line several times before. After the bus left, the three of us stood around talking when Lady B said her daughter told her I was pushing her around. (I assume that her daughter went home after I was confronted Monday in hopes her mother would confront me as well.) She wasn't accusing, or cussing or anything. Before I could say anything, Lady A jumps in and says, "She's never touched any of the children." Lady B said, "Well I know my daughters so I figured I needed to come down myself and see what's really going on." I totally appreciated that. And told her so. I also told her that the only time I've delt with her daughters when when they would cut in line and I'd tell them they needed to move to the back. Lady B said "That makes sense. I knew there was more to this story." Lady A told Lady B about the two women on Monday. Lady B was outraged that two grown women would automatically assume that another parent had pushed their child without finding out what was really going on. She was even more outraged that the two women came to the bus stop and "made an ass of theirselves." Lady B said, "That's just bad parenting there and when their kids are grown and bad they'll have no one to blame but theirselves." I walked home all happy because THAT is what I expect parents to do, come talk to me.

On a side note, the two maintenance workers that know about the incident both asked me today when they saw me if there have been any more problems. On the way to the mailboxes today just before the bus came, one of them pulled up beside me and said, "If there are any more incidents, come get me." And he told me where his apartment is...which isn't far from the bus stop.

I feel totally justified, as well I should since I've done nothing wrong.

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Margo said...

Glad you're feeling justified!