Saturday, October 21, 2006

To continue previous post in a way...

I'd made arrangements to have my friend come over at 10am to watch my kids so I could go to work to help Jimmy prep a vehicle to paint. I watch Lori's oldest after school every day for about an hour and a half. The reason Lori was adamant about watching my kids this weekend was because last weekend she was in a bind and needed me to wath her infant on Sunday, knowing that Sundays are our family days and we do nothing with other people on those days.

Well Lori didn't get here until just before 12. So I took her car and left mine with her...just in case...mine will fit her, her baby and my 4 kids. Hers wouldn't. So I get to Jimmy's work and get put to work sanding. Now I know NOTHING about repairing vehicles, so sanding is perfect for me. I sanded off and on this '85 bronco to help Jimmy. By the time I left at 6pm, he was finishing up taping it so it could be ready to paint in the morning.

From there I stopped by the liquor store because I desperatly wanted Goldschlager. I put gas in her car cause it was almost on E. Then went home. My kids were good for her, btw. When I followed her to her car as she was leaving, she opened the passenger door, grabbed a plastic up and poured the contents out on the road. She looked at me and said, "How did you manage to drive all over with my cup of mountain dew 3/4 full?" I said I didn't even know it was there. LOL She said she remembered it just after I'd left. I said, "So were you thinking I'd get here and your floor would be covered with soda?" She said if it had been her driving, it would have been. So I felt really good about my driving skills after that.

Before I went home, I noticed her gas gage was just about on E. So I stoppefd and put gas in her car taking it from almost empty to 3/4 full. When she noticed that she tried to pay me but I refused. I can afford to fill up my tank. She's always worried about food and gas for her two since her husband that she's seperated from refuses to help her. So why shouldn't I use her to babysite then pay her for it. I watch her daughter every day after school and the ONLY reason I get paid is because she's too proud to take advantage of our friendship. Her daughter is here for an hour and a half and is no bother at all and even helps me with Jackson when I need it. Her daughter is 12.

Anywho....this is a glimpse of my life lately. Enjoy. LOL

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Margo said...

It sounds like you and Lori are blessed to have each other.