Sunday, October 29, 2006

Horror movies

I love them. I freely admit them. There hasn't been a single horror movie to date that I've seen that's scared me. Ok wait, I take that back. The first Nightmare on Elm Street scared the bejeesus out of me. However, I was 10 years old, it was after midnight and my mother woke me up to watch it with her, threatening to ground me if I fell sleep.

Anyway, tonight we watched An American Haunting. It was such a good movie! I made Jimmy watch it with me. He's not into horror movies but every once in a while, I can convince him to watch with me. Towards the end of the movie, we paused it for a potty break. As I was walking down the hall, I heard a crash. I turn around and see Jimmy's drinking flying. I ran back into the living room and he's on the floor. He says he was stepping over the gate and all of a sudden he fell. He swears that his foot cleared the gate and he doesn't understand how he fell.

Anyway, the movie really was good. I plan on buying it soon. I hope to convince Jimmy to go see Saw 3 with me as soon as we can afford it and I can get a sitter lined up. LOL


Ami said...

I knew you were a wacko. I did. Now everyone else knows it, too.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

LOL I've never denied being wacko.