Saturday, October 21, 2006

Horrible sister moment...

Ok back in April I borrowed my brother-in-law's truck to pick up Korinne's bed and mattress. While doing so, I managed to pull out (turning left) and hit an Explorer. Everyone close to me found that extremely odd since I'm one of those that will check 50 million times before pulling out Yet this Explorer totally came out of no where. Turned out the truck I borowed, didn't even belong to my brother-in-law. It belonged to his parents. Well my Jimmy, who works on cars told my BIL not to file a claim on it because he would fix it himself.

Since then, My Jimmy has tried to get the truck to him to fix. There was always one reason or another why it couldn't be brought. My BIL kept saying don't worry about it and even wrecked it again on the same side. Then the truck was "sold" to someone else. My Jimmy made himself available for a month to fix the truck, yet no one ever showed up. (I say "My Jimmy" because my sister also married Jimmy.) Turned out the person who "bought" the truck never paid for it so my sister's in-laws took it back.

The other night when My Jimmy snapped at me and bit my head off was because my sister had called and said her MIL wanted to know when it would be convenient for My Jimmy to fix the truck. Now all it needs is for the fender to be pulled out and a light replaced.

So this morning my sister calls and says, "Jimmy wants to know when he can bring the truck to your Jimmy." Something inside me totally snapped and I went off on my sister. I informed her that My Jimmy had tried to get it fixed several times and no one would bring him the truck. Then I said her MIL would just have to wait because My Jimmy has other obligations that supercede that truck. She said she had to call her Jimmy anfd tell him it would be at least a few weeks.

So I called her back ten minutes later to ask if her Jimmy was mad. He wasn't. Because he knows how busy my Jimmy is, and remembers how many times my Jimmy called him to try to get the truck to fix. Shannon said it wasn't Jimmy that was pushing it, it was his mom. I said, "Well your MIL can just kiss my ass. Jimmy tried several times to fix it and was told 'Oh it's no big deal' then when the truck was supposedly sold he was told 'Don't worry about it anymore, the guy can deal with it.' and now your MIL is pushing it?! She can just wait her turn." Yes I KNOW I damaged her truck. But we tried to fix it in the very beginning. Now Jimmy has other obligations and she's just going to have to wait her turn.

Of course I immediately felt bad for laying it all on my sister and apologized immediately. I made sure to tell her that I didn't want Her Jimmy mad at me. I have to see Her Jimmy, I don't have to see his parents, so I could care less whether they're mad at me. Well after I told Jimmy all of this, he waqnts my sister's MIL to call him herself and they make their own arrangements. It's not fair for my sister to be pulled in the middle of this. When I borrowed the truck, I was under the impression that it belonged to my BIL, NOT his parents. It was only when I was getting the registration and proof of insurance that I learned otherwise. His parents have insurance on it, yet it's kept at my sister's house. They do NOT want to push this very far. Coming from someone who was an automobile insurance agent, I know they (his parents) can get into A LOT of trouble for insuring a vehicle and allowing it to be kept at a different address. And I would totally turn them in.

This time when I brought up the truck to Jimmy he didn't bite my head off. So you can all be rest assured my head is still attached to my body. LOL

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